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Business of the Week


Family run business bringing fresh meat from Smithfield’s Market. Quality fresh meat at affordable prices
Get 15% off your order for the WHOLE of Summer using code YEO15
Meet Jimmy the founder of Ford & Sons. “We started as a small locally run family business in March of this year after I unfortunately lost his job to COVID-19.”
“My family have been at Smithfield Market for over 40 years and have a huge amount of expertise in supplying the best quality in Meat. I saw an opportunity to bring that meat straight from the market and deliver to customers home addresses at an affordable price.”
Ford & Sons now supply over 2500 home customers and more recently pubs and restaurants.
We are continuing to expand with the supply now of Fish using Peter White and his expertise whilst still maintaining our mission of; Best in Quality, Best in Customer Service and Best in Aftersales

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

“Don’t work the normal day to day like every other company out there, be proactive and diverse. Always expanding on products and areas and always 3 goals to get to even when you hit the last. It means working all day and night to train myself to be the best always in mindset, passion and drive. I never say I know everything, always learn from others that have the same goals and drive that I have”