I’m a self-taught Brand and Web designer that dropped out of Uni. Worked in the NHS for 9 years in various admin roles starting from a receptionist, then senior administrator, up to a management role.

I decided to take the leap and pursue my entrepreneurial journey in July 2020. The business launched during the lockdown. The name of the business Ayat has a meaning to it, it means signs, lessons, proofs which was perfect and suited the entrepreneurial journey I was about to embark on. 

I consider myself to be an ambitious person and therefore we would like to partner up with like-minded, ambitious, and creative entrepreneurs to create meaningful identities and establish an online presence for their businesses. I enjoy hearing about my client’s business background/journey and vision for their business and being able to bring that to life is amazing.

I am learning as I go along and used to see failure as the end but I have learnt from my mentor that failure is part of it and there are lessons in it. I now see it as a direction to take another route. I have lots of plans for the business and can’t wait to execute them. I am enjoying the ride and wouldn’t have it any other way.

What Does Entrepreneurship Mean To You?
A quote I live by: “Success doesn’t happen overnight. Remember your ‘WHY.’ Keep pushing forward and trust the timing, it will be worth it”.