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Hi I’m Amber the Creator of Network Like You Mean It. In February 2021, I started my journey of Entrepreneurship when I launched The Gift Girl. I quickly realised I was doing more networking than ever (online) and I was struggling to manage the relationships with all the amazing people I was meeting. After doing some research I found there was nothing out there that could help, so that’s when the lightbulb moment arrived. Network Like You Mean It is the ONLY networking Diary and Planner and the ultimate tool to help you up-level your networking and become the best networker in the room.
Network Like You Mean is the ONLY networking Diary and Planner. Relationships are the core of business success. This diary and planner helps you plan, organise and record your networking journey to enable you to connect, build and maintain those relationships. It’s created with you in mind with tasks which are designed to help you establish networking as a business strategy by determining your goals and being specific about how you can grow your network to benefit you in the best way possible.
“Your network is your net worth” Networking is one of the most important business skills. The ability to build personal and professional authentic relationships will enable you to reach a higher level of success. Investing in your relationships is one of the best things you will ever do. This planner will help you plan, organise and record your networking journey.
Get your network working for you!
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