Mockingbird Spirit

Alcohol Free, Tequila Inspired. The UK's first agave based Tequila alternative. Use FEB30 for 30% off!

Founded, developed and launched during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic; Mockingbird Spirit is the first alcohol free, tequila inspired, agave based spirit. The idea behind creating Mockingbird was to come up with an alternative to tequila, that was non-alcoholic, but still produced from the same Mexican Blue Weber Agave plant that actual tequila is made from. It needed to be authentic and a polite nod to the original, just to be used in the exact same way for people who are having a sober day, a sober night, or a sober life. 

Image: Fern, founder of Mockingbird Spirit

Lots of alcoholic drinks had non-alcoholic counterparts but tequila was missing its ‘alcoternative’. It’s also a functional drink because it contains Ashwagandha which is an adaptogen that helps the body and mind manage stress and anxiety- giving the consumer the same relaxing feeling that you often relate to that ‘first drink’, just this one comes without the hangover.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

Fern says, “Entrepreneurship means to me; having an innovative or creative idea for a business that you’re passionate enough about to put everything on the line for it. Seeing an opportunity and purpose for yourself and others and recognising the challenge… but going for it anyway.”