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You have a voice and we want England to hear it!

Home of young entrepreneurs and startups.

Why shoud I list my business with the Young Entrepreneurs of England?
With low fees, powerful tools, support and education, we help entrepreneurs start, manage and scale their businesses.
YEOEngland allows you to set up a virtual business store, giving you immediate access to hundreds of potential customers. The Young Entrepreneurs of England is a great place to start your business, test the market, meet new and like-minded individuals and be a part of a supportive community who wants to see you succeed.
Young people are more entrepreneurial than ever before.
More and more young people are wanting to start and grow their own businesses.We as a society should be doing all we can to ensure that hidden potential is fully realised, and that any external factors – be it family network, experience and funds, do not stop them.

YEOEngland is so much more than just a name.
It is a movement, a community and a source of motivation.It’s about building strong and valuable connections that uplift and inspire.
We are shaping tomorrow’s leaders and paving the way for future success.
YEOEngland is here to give young entrepreneurs a voice, an opportunity to be heard and seen.

Showcase Your Business

With thousands of visitors a month, Young Entrepreneurs of England is fast becoming the go-to destination for consumers and buyers looking for new and young talent!
Founded in 2020 by Laura Yeo as a way of supporting, promoting and empowering hidden talent in the UK. We aim for the Young Entrepreneurs of England to be the longest-running, and busiest platform on the web supporting Young Entrepreneurs.
Join a community of like-minded people who are here to support you and help your business grow.
Tap into our network for anything you need from health and wellness services, to unique home décor products, you will be able to get advice and support, and make connections with other businesses that believe in supporting young entrepreneurs.

Supportive Community

Referrals & Sales

Would you like people to find your business when searching for new business products & services online?
Create a personal and business profile for your business and you could receive a steady stream of referrals and sales from customers who want to buy products and use services from new businesses and young entrepreneurs.