Content Farm makes lifestyle content simple and affordable.
My name is Imisi Adefala I’m the founder of Inspiring Action Media, we specialise in photography, videography and digital marketing and worked with brands like Urban. Savage, Two Brooks, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Brookes University, Pelush NYC and more.
Our collective is spread across Oxford London, New York and LA.
What is Content Farm?
Studies show that customers remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read, so if your content does not reflect the true quality of your product or service then you are literally giving money away to competitors!
Content Farm makes it convenient for business owners to order lifestyle content for their brand with stunning models.
It takes less than 5 minutes to fill out our form and we are 30% cheaper than the average commensurate photo/video shoot.
Why has Content Farm been created?
90% of online shoppers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale!
Whilst working with different start up brands we recognised a trend that they all had the same burden to keep posting on social media channels with quality fresh content but they also had a million other things to worry about and it was so expensive.
Myself and my business partners Nathan Barker and Dupe Adefala came together and worked out a new way of doing things to take that stress away, reduce costs and allow business owners to breathe easy again.
We ran a pilot last year with a select number of brands including Two Brooks, Pelush NYC, Urban Savage, Flat Cap Drinks and Ashanti Curls and got some incredible feedback so we decided to release the platform to the world.
Our hope is that Content Farm will become a staple in the business community.
How can people get involved with and use Content Farm?
It’s simple, there’s just three steps.
2) Answer just 20 questions via our booking form.
3) Send us your products.
We do the rest.

You can watch a demo on how to use Content Farm here.

If you want that human touch you can book a call with me personally via
We appreciate Young Entrepreneurs of England for their continued support and are excited to see what Laura and the team do next.