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4 Reasons You’re Not Consistent With Your Content

2. A Lack of Systems = A Lack Of Consistency
If you’re already pressed for time, and only have so many hours to come up with content, ideas, and so much time to write our content and then so much time to get it out there, we have to get our systems in place. These systems in your business look like clear and defined workflows, thorough weekly checklists and frameworks for getting your content written and out for distribution.
One of the best parts of my business is taking one piece of content and repurposing it, seriously so many people talk about this, it works, and it saves time, so do it! The art of repurposing not only allows you to spend less time creating content, it allows you to create a weekly workflow that can be repeated week after week.
This repetition takes the guesswork out of marketing your business and gives you more time and energy on fine-tuning and improving your craft.
For example. Every week take one video, and turn it into a blog post, 3 social media posts, an email and multiple videos for Instagram. And every single week this workflow is repeated.

These types of systems allow you to rinse and repeat, minimize the time and energy you’re spending and maximize output.

3. Stop Trying To Be On All The Platforms
I’ve mentioned it before, but I will continue to say it until everyone hears it. One of the most popular reasons for not showing up consistently in business is that you’re trying to be too much, create too much and show up too much!
As with all things you need to be strategic and rather show up fully on a few platforms then stretch yourself thin with mediocre content on many.
The truth is when we start our businesses, and even in that first year, even in your fourth year, it can be really easy to look and see where everybody’s showing up and think to yourself, “Well, I should be there too.”
We feel we have to do all the things because we’re comparing our Chapter 1 to someone’s Chapter 10. I was not doing all of this 1 year ago, I focused on the areas that felt most comfortable and where I could show up fully and then I continued to grow from there.
No one is expecting you to do it ALL right from the start, that’s just crazy!
If you’re trying to do all of the things, all of the time, and find yourself consistent for a week, and then nothing on again for two weeks and then off again because you’re stretching yourself too thin, you’re not going to be able to give your full focus and energy to the areas you absolutely need to see growth, think high-value content.
I recommend two to three platforms most when you’re first starting out and when choosing these platforms, you need to consider what is required from that platform.
4. Your Purpose Isn’t Defined
What, I want to encourage you to think about is the purpose behind your business and how it’s deeper than your why. Let me explain. When I started my business, I remember my coach asked me my “why”. I listed out a ton of reasons like being able to work for myself, creating a better life for my future family, traveling more, paying off debt.
It felt great! But then business got tough and I found myself no longer motivated by these very surface-level reasons for running my business. So, I took the time to think about the true purpose behind my business, my mission, which is so much more than me and even my family.
It can’t be because of money. It can’t be because of fame.
You can achieve those things working a 9 to 5, it has to be bigger, it has to focus on impact.

There will be months when you don’t make as much as the month before, and you might have social media posts that do really, really well and then social media posts that don’t.

You might have launches that do really, really well and then have launches that don’t. And when you’re focused on the money, or the fame, or the influence or publicity, or whatever you want to call it likes, followers, then you’re going to struggle because you’re going to question if you should be doing this!
When you think about your audience and impact, the reason you’re showing up you’ll keep going, you’ll keep creating and you’ll continue to be consistent.

If you haven’t already ask yourself,
What is the mission behind our business?
What is the purpose of you showing up every single day, even when no one is there?

Having this information at your fingertips, being deeply rooted in your purpose, allows you to pull yourself back up. As an entrepreneur, no one is going to do that for you!
Remember consistently showing up in your business is essential. You want to find a pattern and routine that works for you, but also be aware of areas, the four I mention above specifically, where you might be blocking your own success.
So much of what we do as a business owner is equal parts strategy and mindset. Find the area where you’re lacking and focus on building it up so you can start showing up!
We hope you found this helpful!

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